Helping Others
Pelion Area Compassionate Encouragement Services
PACES - A ministry dedicated to helping a community in need.

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PACES is a compassionate ministry to assist families in our community who need food or clothing due to an emergency such as job layoff, fire or other disaster.

PACES has limited amounts of food, clothing, furniture and small appliances for emergencies.

PACES is sponsored by the Pelion church of the Nazarene and is supported by area churches, community organizations and individuals. Any donations of food, clothing, or small appliances is appreciated. Financial support is welcome Donations of time, even small amounts of time, by volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact us if you want to help.

Mixed vegetables, canned chicken, vienna sausage, sloppy joe mix, canned potatoes, canned luncheon meats (pork, ham, beef, spam), corned beef hash, regular size soup, family size soup, tomato sauce (small), canned tomatoes. PLEASE MAKE SURE NO ITEMS HAVE REACHED THE EXPIRATION DATE.
Complete Information is available on the PACES web site.

Maureen Moans